North West Surrey PCT Area

Surrey PCT is one organisation. The areas are about our ways of working that ensure that boroughs, practices and other partner organisations have named contacts in the PCT with whom they can build relationships. They are not stand alone "localities"with a structure all their own.


Contact details:

Emma Jackson
Surrey PCT
Pascal Place
Randalls Way
Surrey, KT22 7TW



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North West Surrey

LOC Representative: Linda Penny


North West Locality Executive Committees ( LEC)

Chair: Dr Liz Lawn
Vice chair: Ruth Hutchinson

North West PBC clusters

Thames Medical: Dr Liz Lawn
Woking Wide: Dr Deborah Shiel
Woking Central: Dr Van Den Bosch
West Byfleet: Dr Chris Dunstan
SASSE: Dr Phil Turner

PBC Locality Commissioning Manager: Emma Jackson